Don’t Step In The Trichobezoar!

September 11, 2013 – Don’t Step In The Trichobezoar!

Maine Coon cat

Pronounced Try-ko-Bee-zor, it sounds like a dinosaur. It’s not. You definitely don’t want to step in one with bare feet. Trichobezoar is the medical term (aka big word) for hair ball.

When most households are expecting company, someone usually does a quick survey of the rooms. They look to make sure things are picked up and presentable. Those of us with multiple cats go on trichobezoar patrol. So what if the newspaper is lying out? Who wants their guests to step in a trichobezoar?

We think that hair balls are normal for cats, but they can cause problems. Recently Topaz Sunshine was not looking very sunny. In fact, she was looking down right puny. I brought her in and the veterinarians detected a painful area in her abdomen. X-rays showed something lurking. Because she was obviously feeling extremely poor, a barium study was also done. While we cannot say for certain what it was, there was definitely something in her intestines. It looked suspiciously like a hair ball.

After several days of medication, bland food, and attempting to get her to eat laxatone, Topaz was back to her sunny self. Whatever it was did pass. I hope the poor girl does not have to experience this again. Whether it was a trichobezoar or something else, I felt very helpless while she was feeling miserable and there wasn’t much I could do for her.

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