Your pet’s safety is our priority. Our surgical protocols are established with this in mind. All anesthesia patients receive a complete physical examination along with pre-anesthetic blood testing. Our veterinarians will use this information to tailor an anesthetic protocol specific to your pet’s needs.

During anesthesia, pets are attended to by both a veterinarian and a registered veterinary technician. Vital signs are monitored closely throughout the procedure. Technicians stay with your pet during the recovery after surgery, assuring a smooth and comfortable recovery.

Each patient is discharged by either their veterinarian or registered veterinary technician. Verbal and written discharge instructions include reviewing any medications the pet will need to be given at home, activity restrictions, feeding restrictions, and post-anesthesia care. We encourage pet owners to call with any questions during their pet’s recovery.

Soft Tissue Surgery

The modern surgical suites at Falconbridge Animal Hospital allow our veterinarians to perform routine surgeries including spays, neuters, mass removals, and biopsies, as well as more complicated surgical procedures such as foreign body obstruction removal, bladder stone removal, wound repair, and oral surgery.

All pets are monitored closely throughout their hospital stay. Most patients receive IV fluids to prevent dehydration during and after procedures. Pain levels are monitored and medications are given as needed to keep pets comfortable.

Ophthalmic Surgery

Our veterinarians are experienced in performing many types of eye surgeries. Lid tumor, cherry eye, corneal, and cosmetic are the most common ophthalmic surgeries. We follow the same strict standards for eye surgery as with soft tissue surgeries, including keeping the pet as comfortable as possible during recovery.

Orthopedic Surgery

In addition to soft tissue surgeries, Falconbridge Animal Hospital is also fully qualified to perform a wide range of orthopedic surgeries. Dr. Karl is experienced in cruciate knee surgeries along with other common orthopedic procedures such as patellar luxation and fracture repairs. Our veterinarians personally discharge each patient and include written instructions for owners to refer to at home. Activity restrictions can play an important role in recovery for orthopedic patients, and we encourage our patients’ owners to call with any questions while their pet is recovering at home.

Dr. Karl’s years of experience treating knee and orthopedic issues enable her to determine the best treatment options for each pet. Not all fractures require surgery, and Dr. Karl will recommend the best options for each pet’s situation.

If you are considering veterinary surgery for your pet, please contact us at (919) 403-5591 to schedule a consultation with your Falconbridge Animal Hospital veterinarian.