Senior Wellness

The aging process varies with individual pets. We begin considering dogs and cats mature at about 8 years of age. As your pet ages certain changes in your pet’s physical condition may occur. Some of these changes are not readily apparent until they compromise your pet’s quality of life.
To aid in detecting health concerns as early as possible, we recommend laboratory screening in addition to the physical exam. Our experienced team can help you determine which tests would be most beneficial for your pet.

These tests may include a CBC (Complete Blood Count), blood chemistry and electrolyte panel, thyroid level, urinalysis, blood pressure, EKG, intraocular pressure test, and tear test for dry eye.

At your pet’s Mature Wellness Exam, the veterinarian will discuss appropriate diagnostics with you. The recommendations will be based on the age and breed of your dog or cat. The veterinarian will also discuss nutritional recommendations and any follow-up tests or monitoring that may be required.

Schedule an Appointment for Your Senior Pet

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