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Please note that the following are required for boarding pets – Wellness Exam (all) Rabies Vaccine (cat/dog/ferret) Distemper-Parvo Vaccine(dog) Bordetella Vaccine (dog) H3N2 Flu Vaccine (dog) Fecal Flotation (dog) Distemper Vaccine (cat)
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ALL medication/supplements must be in their original containers!

There is a fee of $5.00 to $14.00 daily for administration and monitoring of medicated pets.

If your pet is on insulin and is not eating well, the doctor will run a blood glucose test ($19.50 each) as needed to ensure that the dosing is correct for your pet while boarding with us.

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Personal Items: Please limit items left with your pet to food and medications/supplements. We provide bedding and bowls for all patients as appropriate for their size and condition.

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