We offer bathing services for dogs and cats. In addition to cleaning away any dirt and oils, bathing will remove odors, and loose, shedding fur from your pet’s coat. Bathing services are offered by appointment only. We ask for pets to be dropped off for the day so that we are able to spend plenty of time pampering your fur baby.

All baths include nail trims and ear cleaning. We also offer several optional services that may be added to any bath for an additional charge. These include gland expression and nail dremmeling. Gland expression is 50% off when included with a bath. Nail dremmeling will smooth any rough edges on your pet’s nails. Therapeutic baths are available for pets with skin concerns.

Since your pet will be staying with us for the day, vaccinations must be up to date.

Call (919) 403-5591 to schedule a bathing appointment.