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Parasite Prevention

November 5, 2014 - Parasite Prevention "It's getting cool outside I guess I'll stop heartworm and flea/tick medication.”  If you have thought or said this you are not alone.  It is common to think cooler weather would extinguish those outside pests we dislike so much in the summer.  However, here in the triangle area it's a...
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Helping Your Dog Overcome The Fear Of Thunder & Other Startling Noises

April 24, 2014 - Helping Your Dog Overcome the Fear of Thunder And Other Startling Noises Many dogs are frightened by sudden loud noises such as fireworks or thunder even if they've never experienced a traumatic event in association with the sounds. For some dogs this fear approaches the level of a phobia, sending them into a...
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Copraphagia: The Scoop On Poop Eating In Dogs

January 14, 2014 - Copraphagia: The Scoop on Poop Eating in Dogs It seems like every few months a study comes out touting the benefits of pet ownership. According to the claims, stroking pets lowers our blood pressure, dog companions increase our exercise, and going to the dog park improves our sociability. But what most studies fail...
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